The AMAre WebGIS is web-based portal for interactive visualization of the spatial data collected in the Project and organized in a common spatial infrastructure. The portal combines Geographic Information Science (GIS) principles and tools to harmonize a relatively large and multi-dimensional datasets, including several themes: administration, biodiversity, elevation, geology, habitats and biotopes,  hydrography, monitoring, oceanography, socioeconomic, threats. The tool combines intelligent web maps with graphs, charts, tables, and text to unlock, make accessible and re-usable the data relevant for the management of the MPAs in a coordinated manner. 



1. The Licensor grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to retrieveand use data sets and products from the AMAre WebGIS service in accordance with this license.

2. Retrieval, by electronic download, and the use of GIS data is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated.

3. Regardless of whether the data are quality controlled or not, AMAre and the data source do not accept any liability for the correctness and/or appropriate interpretation of the data. Interpretation should follow scientific rules and is always the user’s responsibility. Correct and appropriate data interpretation is solely the responsibility of data users.

4. Users must acknowledge data sources. It is not ethical to publish data without proper attribution or co-authorship. Any person foreseeing the use of AMAre data in a publication must communicate with the data source, in particular when the journal requires the availability of data underlying the research findings. In addition they have to consider the data source(s) for co-authorship of published results.

5. In case of use of WebServices from the AMAre WebGIS they must be acknowledged using the following citation “AMAre Interreg MED Programme 2014 - 2020”.

6. Data Users should not give to third parties any AMAre data or product without prior consent from the Data Manager and Project Leader.

7. Data Users must respect any and all restrictions on the use or reproduction of data. The use or reproduction of data for commercial purpose must be negotiated and require prior written permission from the data source (the content details of which are provided within the metadata of the relevant data set).

8. Users are requested to inform AMAre of any problems encountered with AMAre provided data. This feedback will increase the quality of the data.

9. The data cannot be used for legal, or for navigational purposes.

10. The data provider can choose to give access to the data with an open licence (e.g. Creative Commons Attribution, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike,, or with the Public Domain Dedication In this case the download of data will be guaranteed trough the WebGIS without signing the AMAre data access request form.