Developing shared methodologies and geospatial tools for multiple stressors assessment, coordinated environmental monitoring, multi-criteria analyses and stakeholders' engagement are the main aims in AMAre.

In this framework, the design of a common architecture and data model for a spatial database to store, manage and share data represents a critical outcome of the project.

We followed the INSPIRE Directive conceptual model and designed a logical data model following the needs of the MPAs involved in the project (Sporades, Malta, Balearic islands and Torre Guaceto).

We moved from the logical model to a physical model through ArcGIS software creating a common Geodatabase,  that we are populating with the available spatial and non-spatial data.

Each MPA has your File geodatabase for a personal use on desktop, while all the structures of the four MPAs are merged in a Oracle database that is the data source of the AMAre geoportal.

The figure shows the list of thematic layers included in the Geodatabase and published on a WebGIS portal (see Geoportal).

At last, the AMAre layers will be integrate in the PANACea common infrastructure.


Download the Geodatabase XML structure.