What we do

Our specific objective is to improve the management and protection measures in order to maintain the biodiversity and to increase the resilience of networks of MPAs/FRAs for present purposes and future challenges, supporting a sustainable use of the resources. It includes the integration of selected protected areas by the refinement of a general framework (ISEA), shared methodologies (spatial planning and monitoring) and geospatial tools to structure and exchange of information among MPAs/FRAs on biodiversity status, environmental variables, distribution and intensity of human pressures with a focus on vulnerable habitats of EU importance (e.g. coralligenous outcrops and Posidonia meadows). Taken together these issues we are working on:

1. The spatial planning and redistribution of human activities reducing conflicts and increasing synergies;

2. The implementation of well-designed monitoring activities shared and comparable across MPAs/FRAs and  habitats, allowing the objective to comparative assess the performance of single MPAs versus an MPA network;

3. The potential to individuate early warning indicators of changes;

4. The development of common transfrontier regulations and development of best practices to deal with present and future drivers of changes.

Some feedbacks from our stakeholders..